domingo, 9 de março de 2008

-The police. Your car.

-Oh, right. Yeah. Keenan, listen, I'm...

-You don't have to say anything. l-l told you because
I wanted to tell you.
I wanted to because for the first time in a long time
I wish things were different.

- They can be.

- No, they can't.

-Well, none of this means you can't love.

-Joan, it means exactly that.It doesn't mean anything else.

-I don't believe that for a second, that you can't love.

- I can't.

- Stop saying that.

-It's the only thing I can say to make you understand.

-This may sound corny, but...

-But you don't want me. I-I'm damaged goods.

-For Christ's sake, we're all damaged goods.
I'm wandering around through life with hardly
any purpose or goal at all.
I don't know what I'm doing half the time...
but I know that I can love.I know that I can love you.
I know that I do love you.

- I won't let you love me.

- Why?

-I won't let you love me because...because I love you.

-You love me?

- Can I go?

- No! Do you know how long I have waited for somebody
I care say that they love me
and for me to actually believe them?
And if you think you're getting out of this car,
you're insane!

-It will never work.

-It's already working. It's working.

-I thought...I thought you didn't cry.

-I thought you didn't date. Surprise, I'm crying...
and this is very much a date.
It's unconventional, perhaps,
but it's the best date I've ever had.

terça-feira, 4 de março de 2008

A Papisa

Oh meu grande bem
pudesse eu ver a estrada
pudesse eu ter a rota certa
que levasse até dentro de ti

Oh meu grande bem
só vejo pistas falsas
é sempre assim
cada picada aberta me tem mais
fechada em mim

És um luar
ao mesmo tempo luz e mistério
como encontrar
a chave desse teu riso sério

Doçura de luz
amargo e sombra escura
procuro em vão, banhar-me em ti
e poder decifrar teu coração

Oh grande mistério
meu bem doce luz
abrir as portas deste império teu
e ser feliz